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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Sorry this is late. I had it in que and was sure I posted. SMH

What a year we had right?? The year 2018 was full of lessons and growth. Every year is about lessons and growth however 2018 had additional helpers. We saw six or seven, I don’t remember how many, retrogrades not to mention the eclipse and the regular moon

2019happy new year!!!

cycles to deal with. Last year saw the tearing down of the old beliefs and behaviors to prepare you for rebuilding and healing. Some people are still healing and rebuilding as such lessons were tough. The more you resisted this change, the harder it was going to be. Change was/IS inevitable so it made no sense to fight it. Besides, what was to come, was far better than what was leaving you anyway. You just had to trust and see that for yourself.
This year, 2019, sees your transformation and growth. It’s about harvesting the seeds that were planted in 2018, coming to fruition in 2019. Dealing with the new energies that have been ushering in and understanding how to manuever life can be challenging. Start your year off with Holistic Coaching and Spiritual Counseling through NUBODI to get you through those times. Let us journey together.


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Black Panther: More than a movie



Having seen the movie Black Panther, I thought it would be fitting to blog about the movie since it is still Black History Month. While February might be Black History month for some, Black History for the rest of us is 365 days a year. My review of the movie is more than a review because the movie is more than a movie.

I don’t even know where to begin. The movie Black Panther had so much symbolism from start to finish. For me, I am such a Marvels fan that I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out for that reason alone. As an African American woman, seeing an action packed movie with African American lead and supporting characters made my heart sing. I knew from the moment I saw T’Challa in Captain America that I was going to be excited about seeing him again in Black Panther.

For many African Americans, Black Panther was an “about time we had our own movie” type of movie. Not since Coming to America did African Americans feel this way. At least the ones that I know. There has NEVER been an action movie where the lead characters AND supporting characters were a cast of African Americans and two white characters. It is usually the other way around.

T’Challa became a young King after his father was killed. Although the women were supporters in their country, they were also strong warrior queens and protectors.  When it came time for T’Challa to be sworn in, all of the tribes came together to embrace the new King. I loved how the movie presented unity especially at the end. I loved the strength and agility the characters in the movie illustrated. The storyline was set in Wakanda, and despite the fact that Wakanda is a fictional place, it still felt very real. Movie goers everywhere wanted to be in Wakanda just like at one time movie goers wanted to be at Hogwarts. Wakanda was THAT kind of place that you would pack up the spouse and kids and roll out!! This will forever be my favorite movie for so many reasons.

Black Panther now ranks as one of the largest grossing movie in the world EVER and the largest grossing Marvels movie!! #WakandaForever

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One year later

I haven’t written for my own blog in a year but I have written for other blogs. Here is a blog that I wrote about being a woman of color during a Trump era.



Historically our country has viewed women and people of color –especially those on the low end of the socio-economic scale– as second-class citizens.  Never before, however, had I experienced so many emotions for just being me than I did after the 2016 election. The first thing I felt was a tremendous amount of fear. After the election, there seemed to be a rise in hate crimes and attacks on unarmed men and women of color. I did not want to leave my house. Subsequently the fear left me and I turned to anger. I felt angry that after having an African American president for two terms, now in the year 2017, people of color were still being treated like they are less deserving of being in this country than everyone else. I felt the pain of my ancestors and was ready for war against white supremacy and white privilege.

When fighting for the right to self-determination, people of color have endured pain and resistance. I did not want to do things the old fashion way by engaging in non-violent protests, boycotts, demonstrations, and marches. I vacillated between fight and flight, all the while determined to protect myself and my family at all costs. My emotions were beginning to change again. I was in limbo. I was still angry but now angry with a purpose. I wanted to do something. For centuries people of color have tried many forms of fighting back against racism and injustice. I wanted to do something that was going to make a difference. This presidential election was the catalyst for my ferocity. Uncertain of my future and armed with a fierce determination, I sought community support.

Before last year, I did not consider myself a political person. I did vote in the last five presidential elections; I felt it was important for my vote to be counted. However, for presidential elections held before then, I was uninterested in social political activism and did not understand the importance of having my voice heard through voting. Although I was aware that people fought very hard in this country for African Americans to vote, it did not dawn on me that my voice would make a difference today. Growing up as a young woman of color, I did not have someone like Sister Simone at my high school or college to discuss my political views, encourage me to go to a protest, or show me how joining a political group could make a difference. I thought the political stuff was best left up to the adults.

I believe everything happens for a reason. I am convinced that this backlash against Obama’s presidency happened in order to shake things up and to awaken people to the injustices happening in this country; injustices that have gone on for far too long. Aside from racism, sexual harassment and assault, just to name a few, are issues that have impacted me the most following the 2016 election. Over the past five years working at NETWORK, I have become more political in my views, more involved, and more “WOKE.”  As a woman of faith, I know that life and death are in the power of the tongue. As a woman of color, I know the double standard that comes with freedom of speech.

Today, social media and “fake news” seem to have surpassed the reach of traditional media. In spite of its limitations, social media has become a platform for getting voices heard. To that end, I commit to using my platforms to hold people accountable for their actions. I have joined racial justice groups and forums in hopes to educate myself and others about racism and the challenges that people of color face in the United States. Today I am more hopeful and more connected. Women of all races are rising up and raising their voices. This makes me proud to be a woman of color in the fight for racial justice and social justice.



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I know the year has already begun and I am late, but still wanted to say it.

Where to begin….

For myself and others, 2016 was a rough year. A year of lessons and trials. It was the year of the 9, 2+0+1+6 = 9 and that my friends means endings. You may have found yourself ending a relationship(s), ending a job, the ending of lessons and the end of our president’s reign in the U.S. Well let me tell you, that is over with. The year of the END if over. It is now the year of the 1. The year of BEGINNINGS!!! Yayyyyy This is a year for the new. New careers, jobs, relationships… you name it!! Regardless of who is in office, who you are dating, who your friends are or are not, or where you work, don’t let that stop you from being the BEST you that you can possibly be. This is your year to shine.

I know I have been slacking on my blogs but I will be back. That is a goal of mine to blog at least ONCE at week unless something major happens to blog about. This year, I will be focusing on more of the healing and faith aspect of health. Still all about the holistic health and wellness but spirituality too. I am open to suggestions for topics so don’t be shy.

I am still in the rebranding phase but still open for business. So look for the new brand coming your way, revised services and products will be listed on my other social media outlets.

Wishing you well on your journey in 2017!! Thank you for the follow and the support.


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Day 10 – 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Day 10 people!!! (which was yesterday) This is it. I am DONE!! Yay!!!


Ok, so here is my assessment of this 10 day cleanse. While I am disappointed that I did not lose any weight, I will take in to consideration a few factors. One being that fact that I did not do the three smoothies a day with snacks in between and the fact that I was bloated and was about to get my monthly lady visit. I did, however, lose inches. At the start of this I was a whopping 37 DD. I am now back down to 35 DD. YAY!!

As I stated in my last post, everyone’s journey will be different. While some people will lose the 10-15 pounds, others may not. It’s important to map out your own journey and be comfortable with your results. I gained some positive results during this cleanse. I gained a healthier outlook with regards to eating clean. Doing this cleanse helped me to re-establish my healthy eating habits. I am more conscious of what I choose for snacks, how I snack and when I snack. It also helped me to be more organized with regards to eating clean.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.” – Jim Rohn 

Blogging about the 10 day cleanse forced to me to be accountable and face up with talking about any setbacks and shortcomings that I may have had along the way. I feel like I have more clarity. When you eat toxic, you become toxic. I have a lot of energy and I don’t have that run down feeling at around 10 am. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

I liked the process of making smoothies in the morning and having smoothie after I work out as opposed to having to make dinner at 7 or 8 pm after I come from the gym. I have decided to keep this routine going for the duration. “It’s not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change.”

Thank you for following me on this journey. I hope that you will continue to follow my blog and visit my website NUBODI for more information on me and what I have to offer you for your spiritual and holistic health and wellness journey.

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Day 9 – 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Day 9 (was yesterday) I woke up feeling a bit blah. I was disappointed that I have not lost not ONE single pound. My mind went to wondering where I could have gone wrong. In the book there are two plans. I chose the second plan as I don’t want to lose a LOT of weight and I don’t want to lose weight that fast. That would be one solution, was the fact that I chose that plan and two would be a lift and do squats. Building muscle. Now I would like to believe that my muscle gain is the reason but the fact is, it is not true. “Reality: A pound is a pound is a pound—unless you’re defying the laws of physics. No substance weighs more then another one unless it actually weighs more. Simply put: One pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle.” says SHAPE magazine. Others have weighed in on this discussion as well. “Common sense tells us a pound of muscle and a pound of fat have to weigh the same, but they do differ in density. This means if you look at five pounds of muscle and five pounds of fat side by side, the fat takes up more volume, or space, than the muscle.” was noted by Everyday Health online.


Visually, I look thinner. I feel thinner but my clothes are saying NOPE. We are still the same. Weight loss is a gradual process. One not to be rushed. We tend to believe that if we work out today, we will reach our weight loss goal TODAY. When I started lifting weights, I would look in the mirror EVERYDAY looking for my arms to be the guns that I believed them to be or hoping that my abs to look like a washboard. When actuality, it took me at least four weeks to even see a difference. This, of course, is just referring to muscle gain and not weight loss. Some will see a difference in ten days while others may not. It’s important to walk your journey without comparing it to others or you will most certainly discourage yourself and possibly quit the journey before you see the fruits of your labor.

Stay tune for the final day. Day 10



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Day 8 – 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I am almost there!! Woot Woot!! Day 8 people. I feel amazing. I think someone in my office told me I had TOO much energy. Not that my energy level was low before but its on 5000 now.

I have come to realize, I am going to have to do better with my snacking selection. While I like peanut butter and I like celery… I don’t like the two together. But I ate it. I like apples and I like peanut butter but I don’t like to two together. Now apples and that Nutella!! OMG that is something I can stand behind. While eating healthy is important, it is also important to eat healthy foods that you like. Eating healthy foods that you don’t like will only sabotage what you are trying to do. That is why it is important to prepare with making a list of healthy foods and snacks you can eat before going to the grocery store.


I am pretty serious about my snacks. I like to munch on food all day (basically every two hours). The rumor is, eating six meals a day “keeps your metabolism humming, staves off hunger, and controls blood sugar.” But according to WebMD, there is no science behind that. I like to eat and if I am going to eat, it mind as well be healthy. So my snacks have to be filling. As a vegetarian, I have to be sure to get enough protein and that includes protein in my snacks. For my height, weight and body type that I am trying to achieve, it is recommended that I get 110 grams of protein a day. My snacks generally consists of sunflower seeds, almonds and apples but that can get pretty boring and will make want other things. Occasionally I will buy the KIND bars. I love them but they can contain added sugar. To reduce the amount of sugar in your snacks, its easier and cheaper to make your own. I like this peanut butter energy bites recipe that I found on Pinterest. It only has 5 ingredients, no baking involved and takes 10 minutes to prepare.

Today I did better with preparing for my day out. I woke up later than my work week and had a smoothie. I tried to time my next meal with lunch and it worked. It’s all about organization and preparation in the key to weight loss and a good health and wellness regime.

Stay tune to day 9.