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Super Heroe Powers

I was watching a marathon of my favorite tv show, Heroes, and thought… WOW.. wouldn’t it be cool to have “powers’ like that. I love watching movies like X-Men, Avatar (the tv series, not the crappy movie that they came out with) and my all time favorite, Harry Potter. I was obsessed with the tv show Heroes that I bought all of the seasons so I can watch from my home whenever I want. I envied the characters and their “powers” that they had. While I know its only a tv show, a large part of me believes their powers are real. One character could push a thought into someone’s head and get them to believe it or act on that thought that was pushed into their head. Another character could find anyone on Earth just by thinking about them and using a map. One character could stop time and teleport to anywhere during any time period. How KOOL is that?

I had always admired the strength of the Hulk or the was in awe of the wand flicking of Harry Potter but the truth of the matter is… we all have “Super Heroe Powers”. I know people who can read minds, push thoughts or predict the future. I know folks who can teleport. These “powers” aren’t new. People have been doing these things for thousands of years. You may know someone who can do things that others can’t or you yourself maybe the one who can do things that others can’t. Many people are ashamed to admit that they can do things that seem out of the ordinary for fear of retribution. The one theme that was constant across the board in all of the movies and shows is that every character regardless of who they were, were ostracized for being different at some point. The reality of it all is that we are all different. We all were created with a unique blue print to create a difference in this world in some form or another. Some people choose to embrace their uniqueness and fulfill their destinies, while others deny theirs.

In the movies X-Men and Heroes, society deemed them “abnormal” and called them freaks for being who they were. They called them outkasts and forced them into hiding and running. Our society tends to dictate to us what is normal with how we should dress or act or be. But what is “abnormal”? Society deems normal as “conforming to the standard or the common type”. What is normal to one group, may not be normal to another.

There are plenty of people around the world that can do amazing things. Probably more than we even know about because they have not made themselves known. If all of the people who had these amazing abilities and powers came out, then would be the minority then? We need to stop referring to people as “not normal” because they don’t fit into our molds of what we think normal should be. Everyone is so busy trying to fit in that they are not being their true authentic selves. What is it that everyone is trying to fit in to? If you are not being your authentic self.. then who are you BEING?

There will come a time when people will start seeing each other for who they really are. Spiritual Beings with amazing abilities, living a human existence and not the other way around.

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A Holistic Life

Living a holistic life is a process. It is not today’s fad or something people say to sound kool. It takes discipline and dedication. I’ve been on this path and flowing through this process for sixteen years. I haven’t always walked the talk especially at the beginning. The more I learned about holistic health and preached it to others, the more my life changed.

My life started changing naturally. Never in a million years would I have thought to give up eating meat let alone give up my relaxers and going au naturel. Over time these things changed and I changed. Things I used to love, I no longer had love for. Things I that used to set my teeth on edge… no longer had me at that cliff.

When I do workshops, I often get women who say they want to be my size, shaped like me or have glowing skin like mine. Then I tell them the things that I do and don’t do and they tend to shy away. Some people have said “Oh but it costs too much to live healthy.” Believe me, it costs MORE if you don’t live healthy. Aren’t you worth the cost? I’ve seen women spend a paycheck on an outfit and or shoes but would not spend the same amount on a healing session that could end the negative patterns that caused the dis-ease and illness. Once a young man in his early twenties contacted me regarding a rather bad case of acne that he had on his face. I advised him through a consultation of what he should do and he said “I am not interested in doing that now. I will wait until I am old.” If he waits until he is old, whenever “OLD” is, he may have irrevisible damage to the skin. Another young man, in his late twenties, athletic and in fairly good shape, said he wanted to be healthy like me. He asked me how could he be healthy like me. I told him that I did not drink, smoke or eat meat and before I could finish my statement he said “oh I don’t want to be THAT healthy.” LOL

Living a holistic life style is not JUST about eating healthy. Feeding and nurturing the mind and spirit is also a part of it. Many peole think because they are working out and they look good on outside, that is all they have to do. Women spend billions on facial creams yearly to get rid of wrinkles, to soften their skin or to look younger. Beauty comes from within literally. What you do on the outside does greatly affect what happens on the inside and THEN manifest itself by showing up on the outside. Funny how that works.

Through feeding the mind, you deprogram yourself from all of the negative limited beliefs that cause dis-ease and illness, that you have learned from yourself and other people. There are many ways to feed the mind. One is by challenging the mind. Read something you don’t normally read. Learn a hobby that you have never done before. By nurturing the spirit, you are able to connect it all and find balance. You can nurture the spirit by being silent for a few hours or dance or something that you enjoy doing that you haven’t done in awhile. There are many ways, find what works for you.

Mind, Body and Spirit. That is holistic.

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Waste Management

I went to the barber shop one day to get my hair cut and made a mistake and showed up early. Usually when I show up early, I walk in on some conversation about this, that and the other that usually makes my eyebrows raise. This particular time, my barber and his customer were talking about colonics. I was trapped. It was my turn in the chair so it wasn’t like I could get up and walk out. So he began talking about his colonic experience in great detail. Yuck. He finds joy in engaging me in such conversations because that gives him an opportunity to ask health related questions with hopes that I would give free advice. Pretty clever he is. He asked if I had ever had a colonic before and I told him no. He was quite shocked. I had to admit that I wasn’t a fan of what I had heard about regarding colonics. There had been a talk on tv a few times, and I read about it in magazines. It seemed like the new fad since Tyra Banks had her colonic done on her show. Having your gut and butt cleaned out… yeah that sounds like fun.

I had been wanting to have a colonic done for awhile. I wanted to change my eating habits and I was becoming a vegetarian so I thought what better way to kick off the new year than to have a colonic done after Christmas. So I made an appointment for my colonic. The woman who does the colonics is a nurse so I felt in good hands. I had done my research about the pros and cons of colonics a few years prior to even making that appointment. Its a very controversial subject among the medical community versus the holistic health community so I had to see what all the hooplah was about.

A colonic is “The cleansing of the colon using copious amounts of water was a common procedure in the era 1930-1950s.” Today most hydrotherapist use herbal solutions that will help to eliminate waste from the colon. “Colonics administered by a trained colonic therapists, using state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy equipment ensures maximum efficacy and safety, and is the perfect procedure to eliminate constipation, detoxify the major organs of elimination and restore normal bowel function.” Some of the down falls is that you have untrained and unskilled people performing the colonics. There is a lot of misinformation out there as to how many times you should get a colonics. I don’t offer this as a service of mine but I would recommend a colonic at least once a year. Getting a colonic more than that using a solution other than water can cause more harm than good. With regular colon, kidney and liver cleansing through the use of herb and drinking the adequate amount of water daily, you can keep your system flowing nicely.

Some of the benefits of having a colonic:

  • Eliminates food addictions
  • Prevents illness
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps in strengthening the muscles which line the colon
  • helps in relieving problems like constipation.
There are also some disadvantages to having a colonic:
  • You can increase your risk of dehydration
  • Increase the risk of getting an infection
  • You can cause a rise in your electrolytes, which can be dangerous if you have kidney disease or heart disease

All in all, do your research. I did have my colonic done. It WAS an experience. I am not going to go into all of the gory details however I will say that it was worth it and I do recommend having a colonic done if you can find a person who is trained and skilled at it.

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The Power of Intention

Well… I am back!! I set my intention to write several blogs so that I would not be behind or have to scramble to write something, should I find myself in a predicament where I can’t post to my blog.

Setting an intention is a simple thing to do, yet very powerful. Dr. Wayne Dyer, I love his work, has a book out called The Power of Intention. He says “People driven by intention are described as having a strong will that won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving their inner desire.” We have a lot of tools at our disposal. Some of us just forget to use them and others may not be aware of what those tools are or how to access them.

Once I was reminded of the power of setting my intentions, I began using it everyday. It became part of my daily routine. Like brushing my teeth. However, things started to get hectic. Life got crazy and I was breaking routine. I started having trouble with my staff. They weren’t doing what was required of them, they started showing up late and even not at all. My programs began to suffer. It started affecting me and others in many ways. I was remind to start setting the intention for things to turn around. While I was reminded of this fabulous tool, I wasn’t reminded on the process of setting the intent. I got up one morning and said “I will NOT have any drama today.” And on the next day I said “Sweet Susie Lu will NOT get on my nerves today.” To my dismay not only did Sweet Susie Lu get on my LAST three nerves, I had ALL kinds of drama that day. I could not imagine how or WHY I had attracted this kind of foolishness in my life. But I did.

Setting the intent sends out a command to the universe that you WANT x,y and z or that a,b, and c ARE going to happen. And it did exactly that. Ask and It is Given. The universe does not recognize the word “NOT”. So I had to go back to the drawing board. Tweak my intention statement(s). So I got up the next morning and shouted “I WILL have a GREAT DAY!” And a great day I had. This was felt great! So I kept it going. I got up the following morning and said “Sweet Susie Lu and I, will work everything out today.” And we did. There are far more steps to setting your intentions and making it happen than I am writing in this blog. If you focus on the lack or that in which you don’t want or have… that which you don’t want or have is what you will receive. The energy you put into your words of intent has the power to create the world you desire. Be careful of what you ask for.

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Technically challenged

I am still without my laptop but I remain hopeful. Took her in to see the Geek Squad and there is hope. I was able to retrieve all my files and save them to my flash drives. Yes I said drives… As in plural… More than one. My entire business was on that laptop. If I haven’t learned by now to backup my files than I am in trouble. Even though I didn’t have my own computer, I was still productive… at the library. I don’t like that place. The energy there is so blah!! I hurried up and did what I had to do and ran up out of there and forgot to post to my blog. Thus this late night posting. I am racing against the clock. Cutting it close too i might add just so i can get it in. I will have it together tomorrow.

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Sense of loss

I am still without my laptop. I feel sad. We often feel a sense of loss when we lose something we are fond of and attached to. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Things will work out. I set the intent that business will resume as usual without interruptions.

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Technology sucks

I hate technology sometimes. I crashed my laptop again. This time I can’t fix it myself so I have to take it in. We have come to rely so much on technology that we don’t know how to function without it. I remember telling my daughter that I wasn’t going to use the microwave anymore… She said well how are you going to heat up your food? What are you going to eat for lunch? I had to laugh.

I received the same reaction from folks when I told them I don’t eat meat. We have to learn how to detach from the things we have grown accustomed to that aren’t good for us. Whether it’s electronics, money or food. It’s the Law of Detachment.

Well I wish I could type more but my thumb is tired.

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