30 days to a vegan!!


Seeing the results of Beyonce’s 22 day vegan challenge has also peeked my interest. Those of you who know me personally, know that I am already a vegetarian. (not a very good one, but one nonetheless) In hopes of becoming a better vegetarian, I thought it would be good to take on this challenge. For those of you who don’t know the difference between being a vegetarian and a vegan, here is a little history. Vegans are a lot more strict in their diet. No eggs (which I love), no mayo, butter, FISH (which I also love) and a few other things. (I am getting more of the specifics on the Do’s and Don’ts before I start on March 1, 2014.) For me this challenge is two fold. ONE, I will come out a better vegetarian because it will force me to eat outside the box. I say that I am a terrible vegetarian because I eat ONLY what I like which limits me to certain foods and I eat what is quick and easy. In this challenge, I will have to think about what I buy so that I can cook a variety of foods that are good for me, vegan and that I will enjoy eating. In additional to this vegan challenge, I am going to try the HULU Daily Burn. It’s free for 30 days. Yes, a sista is gettin it together!! All are welcome to join. Supporting each other on our journies is important. Good luck!!


All natural hair

blkartnatural hair goddess

Hi it’s me again. I haven’t blogged in forever. Had to get some things in order.  So much so that it took a toll on my mind, body, spirit and HAIR. In my MISSION to get my hair back healthy and grow it out to super lengths (again), I have been on YouTube more than usual. I have seen a few “natural hair challenges” that have peeked my interest. The “natural hair challenges” are challenges that people do to get their hair healthy by doing things that they don’t normally do in their hair routine for a certain period of time. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I think it is important to represent fully. Meaning, not just eating foods that are healthy but having EVERYTHING that I use on my body healthy as well. While I haven’t used perfumes, lotions, or other harmful products on my body since 2006, my hair care has a different story. During my Holistic Nutrition Certification, we learned the importance of reading labels. In the past seven years since chopping off all of my hair, I have switched to more healthier hair care products and products that I have made (and sold). There are many challenges that have sprouted up. I have done a few in the past such as the “castor oil challenge” and the “biotin challenge.” The “natural hair challenge” that I have chosen, is to use ONLY FOOD ingredients on my hair for 30 days. Sounds a little weird but in actuality, I’ve basically have been doing that for the past three years. My conditioner is Kraft (or Helmens, which ever is on sale that week) and my oils are Olive, Coconut and Avocado. Now my shampoo… well I am working on that. My first shampoo of the month (March 2014) will be a baking soda shampoo and AVC (apple cider vinegar) rinse. I will keep you posted with updates on what I used, what worked and length checks!!! Feel free to join me!! I would love the support and to support others. Who’s with me?? 🙂