Yesterday was a rough day. I had a headache most of the day that only got worse by the time I left work. I ran all of the scenarios that it could be, not enough water, not enough protein or this terrible pollen that the Washington, D.C. area has. There was another possibility that I did not think of until today. When your body goes through a detox, one of the side of effects could be what is a called a healing crisis. “This occurs when the cells release toxins into circulation but the elimination organs (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder & GI tract) are not able to eliminate them quickly enough. The toxins remain in circulation and can affect the brain stem region leading to nausea, poor coordination, headaches, fatigue, malaise, fever, etc.” In my case, it was the terrible pollen. My face hurt, my head ached, migraines begin and I cannot see. If untreated, I get an upset stomach and start vomiting. Well this is how I woke up this morning.   berrysmoothie

Today I only drank green tea, water and had one smoothie this evening. Tomorrow should be better.

Stay tuned for day 4.


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