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Day 4 – 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Today is day 4 of NO CHOCOLATE. I meant, day 4 of the 10 day green smoothie cleanse. 🙂 It’s not that I crave chocolate, because of the vitamins that I take and all of the healthy fruits and leafy greens in my smoothies, I don’t have cravings. I just miss chocolate. I love chocolate actually. I can eat chocolate all day. I love chocolate cake, chocolate protein shakes, chocolate chip cookies… Just CHOCOLATE!!

THIS JUST IN: One of the members of our organization sent us treats… cookies and BROWNIES. I opened the box, smelled the delicious brownies and kept it moving. 😦 None for me. I will work out my frustrations at the gym this evening.

I feel good. No complaints. AND I am not even HANGRY. Life is good. Even the dark circles under my eyes are clearing up. Dark circles under eyes can be caused by many things. “Pigmentation irregularities — these are a particular concern for people of color, especially blacks and Asians, Sun exposure, which prompts your body to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color, thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen — common as you age — can make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious, fatigue, allergies and more.” Doing a cleanse or a detox helps to rid the body of toxins as well as helps to remove excess waste.


I am enjoying the smoothie cleanse process. The preparation part was what I thought would kill me but it actually doesn’t take that long to prepare and make a smoothie. Now CLEANING up my mess is another issue all together. The other day I saw what resembled green smoothie on the wall near the light switch. Can’t imagine how that got there.

Stay tuned to day 5.







NUBODI was established in 2004 as a vehicle to assist individuals in their healing process and serve as a resource to educate individuals and communities about healing naturally. We believe that it takes more than one method to heal. NUBODI specializes in transformational work, healing the mind, body and spirit as a whole. The Mindy undergoes reprogramming through Spiritual Wellness and or Holistic Life Coaching. The Body goes through dietary changes and life style changes through Holistic Nutrition Coaching and BodiWork Therapies. Finally, the Spirit goes through growth using organic herbs, pure essential oils and crystals to facilitate healing and expansion. In 2014, NUBODI changed its focus from Holistic health and wellness to add Healing and Faith. The ultimate goal of adding healing and faith to holistic health and wellness is to focus on the whole body wellness by teaching prevention and self-care as a responsibility. A faith healing provides spiritual direction while incorporating holistic health and wellness, practices to ensure the goals that are set for the mind, body and spirit are being met.

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