Well it is day 6 people. Four more days to the end.

Have you ever had one of those people in your life that does NOT read directions before diving in? Like not reading the FULL directions before trying to put together IKEA furniture? Well that would be me. I look at the pictures and assume I know what I am doing.

My smoothie prep

Same case with these smoothies. The instructions say to blend the leafy greens FIRST then everything else. Not reading the entire book first is probably why my green smoothies look like a scary brown mess. It’s all good though, it’s all going to the same place. 🙂

So today we had a chip and dip contest. I told myself that I would NOT try any but I did. I sampled three of the dips, few chips and a few pretzels. After I left I could immediately feel a funny sensation in my nose and felt a headache coming on. I’ve felt this before when I would have dairy such as ice cream. I recall one of my coworkers saying that one of her dips had cream cheese in it which would be the culprit for me.

After having done a cleanse and starting to eat clean, when you began to reintroduce other foods you will be able to notice how your body reacts to it.  The first time I did an herbal cleanse, I did it for 30 days and lost some serious weight. People said I was starting to look funny and it freaked me out. So I started eating, and eating flour type foods like breads and pasta. I wanted to eat healthy so I thought and ate ALL wheat products. I broke out in hives. It was so bad my skin burned. After a day or two of the herbal cleanse, my skin cleared up. Many people are eating foods that they have an intolerance to and don’t know it. By doing a cleanse or detox, your body expels the toxins and waste that has been stored in the body. It’s important to reintroduce foods into the body slowly one by one while paying attention to the body’s reaction to it. This way you are you sure to know what what’s good for your body. Signs of discomfort like headaches, stuffy nose, stomach aches and other symptoms can let  you know what foods are good for your body.

Many people are eating foods that don’t agree with their bodies but are not sure which foods are the culprits so they continue to eat everything that they have been eating ignoring the signs. The discomfort some have experienced hasn’t been enough for some people to do a cleanse or detox. It was enough for me. Is it enough for you?

Stay tune for day 7.


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