tropical-fruit-smoothie     Today is day 5. I have completed my first 5 days of the 10 day green smoothie cleanse. YAY for me!! Happy Cinco De Mayo

I feel great. Amazing. Lots of energy. At this point, I can’t tell you how much weight I have lost. I didn’t weigh myself because my gym, who will remain nameless, doesn’t believe in having scales as they say it is body shaming. And of course I don’t own one myself. I also did not go to the gym during these 5 days. I wasn’t feeling well the first two and decided not to go the rest of the week because I wanted to see if not working out during this cleanse would make a difference. I will go the next 5 days.

This cleanse wasn’t so much about losing weight for me as it was more about getting back on track with clean eating. These smoothies and tea help to flush out all of the crap I have been eating and back to healthier habits like shopping ahead of time, preparing meals and being mindful of my snacking. Establishing healthy eating habits takes commitment and dedication. Knowing what to eat and preparing ahead of time can alleviate self sabotage.

I will admit my nightly routine needs improvement. If I prepare my clothes in the evening, that would shave off an extra 10 minutes in the morning staring in the closet wondering what to wear and then having to iron the clothes as well. I like making the smoothies in the morning. Even if I was running late, I can take my smoothie with me on the road. NO excuses. Each day gets easier and better. Healthier.

Stay tune for day 6.



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