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Black Panther: More than a movie



Having seen the movie Black Panther, I thought it would be fitting to blog about the movie since it is still Black History Month. While February might be Black History month for some, Black History for the rest of us is 365 days a year. My review of the movie is more than a review because the movie is more than a movie.

I don’t even know where to begin. The movie Black Panther had so much symbolism from start to finish. For me, I am such a Marvels fan that I couldn’t wait for the movie to come out for that reason alone. As an African American woman, seeing an action packed movie with African American lead and supporting characters made my heart sing. I knew from the moment I saw T’Challa in Captain America that I was going to be excited about seeing him again in Black Panther.

For many African Americans, Black Panther was an “about time we had our own movie” type of movie. Not since Coming to America did African Americans feel this way. At least the ones that I know. There has NEVER been an action movie where the lead characters AND supporting characters were a cast of African Americans and two white characters. It is usually the other way around.

T’Challa became a young King after his father was killed. Although the women were supporters in their country, they were also strong warrior queens and protectors.  When it came time for T’Challa to be sworn in, all of the tribes came together to embrace the new King. I loved how the movie presented unity especially at the end. I loved the strength and agility the characters in the movie illustrated. The storyline was set in Wakanda, and despite the fact that Wakanda is a fictional place, it still felt very real. Movie goers everywhere wanted to be in Wakanda just like at one time movie goers wanted to be at Hogwarts. Wakanda was THAT kind of place that you would pack up the spouse and kids and roll out!! This will forever be my favorite movie for so many reasons.

Black Panther now ranks as one of the largest grossing movie in the world EVER and the largest grossing Marvels movie!! #WakandaForever